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Acro Yoga

Hand and Foot Massage
Laughter Yoga

The event will be held at 278 4th St in Oakland at a private warehouse called Radiance.

Please wear comfy shoes fun for dancing. Our bamboo floors do not like pointy heels. Please wear fun, fabulous colorful clothing you are comfortable sitting, laying down and doing Acroyoga in!

We would prefer to sell all tickets in advance of the event via paypal. Some tickets may be available at the door. We are likely to sell out. is where to send your money via paypal or ask questions. If you do not have paypal, email me.

This event comes with a simple agreement form. Please fill it out HERE
Please read the agreement form before sending an email. It answers a lot of important questions! If someone else is buying your ticket, please read the agreement form so you have all the details.
PLEASE clearly state who the payment is for in your paypal so that I can connect it to your agreement form!


Awesome Workshop Tickets $30-40 (+$1.50 paypal fee)

First 25 Tickets or before 1/15 =$30
Tickets 25-50 or before 1/20 =$35
Tickets above 50 after 1/20= $40
7-8pm Food and Mingle Including 2 Tickets for Brilliant Elixers and Infused Intoxications.
Your choice of 3 out of 4 workshops from 8-10.

Dance Only Tickets $15-20 (+$1 Paypal fee)

First 25 tickets or before 1/20=$15 – 10pm-2am
All other Dance Only tickets will be $20
A Brilliant Elixer shot, snacks and an incredible night of dancing and magic with Sharu and Kaminanda, Snow Leopard and Grisecon!

Connectivate Tickets

Please also fill out this Form: <click here>