Laughter Yoga!

With Alicia Dattner

Alicia Dattner


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Laughter Yoga

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Are you too stressed and overwhelmed to even figure out how and when to destress? What are you missing out on by letting fear stop you from really living?

Come experience what it's like to let go of whatever is in the way of your natural state of joy. What is Laughter Yoga? It is a simply a practice of laughing for no reason. We do silly, playful exercises as we meet one another, encouraging laughter and mirth, without jokes or even words. Did you know laughter can raise the endorphins, reduces hunger cravings, and pumps oxygen to the brain and heart?

This class begins with yogic breathing exercises, deep meditation, and sometimes a few simple yoga poses. And after that, it's pure, structured silliness. But not fake silliness. Come be however you are; you'll have the opportunity to express the full range of human emotion. We encourage laughter, tears and everything in between.