Eye Gazing

With Jamie Luv

Jamie Luv


Acro Yoga

Hand and Foot Massage
Laughter Yoga

Jamie Luv has been leading group visualization experiences for 20 years. When she first learned about EyeGazing, she became immediately intrigued. Over the years she has cultivated a unique style for this activity that includes a guided meditation for each gaze. This allows you to connect with each person in a specific way that calls on shared memories of universal experiences. You get to feel everyone in the room connect to feelings of their past, bring those experiences to the present, and experience a feeling of oneness and connection with your partner and the room. If you have tried EyeGazing in other contexts, this will be a unique and fun opportunity for you!

Eyegazing has been practiced by self aware Connectivators for centuries. Tantric yogis, star crossed lovers, and the profoundly present have all found amazing encounters in the human spirit, simply from looking into the eyes of another human being. This experience will give you the opportunity to gaze into the eyes of a roomful of incredible souls, ready to bring themselves to a motionless dance. Perhaps time will stop. Likely hearts will beat. The infinite possibilities of divinity await those willing to look.