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Welcome to Connectivate!

Our Secret Star is DJ Kaminanda


Acro Yoga

Hand and Foot Massage
Laughter Yoga

Connectivate is back!

7-8pm Food and Mingle,
8-10pm Awesome Workshops, 10-2am Dance party

So many people requested another Connectivate, we are doing it again! This time at Radiance in Oakland. Easy walk to BART and other public transportation.

Connectivate is a dance party, plus so much more!
This Connectivate we will be offering 4 super fun, totally chillaxin, high vibe, low tech workshops to connect with other people through non sexual touch, gazing, balancing, and joy!

To our family and friends that are feeling the loss of our two bright brothers Adam Griffiths and Brian Baker. We will be celebrating their life and love at 10pm with an invocation and an invitation for their spirits to join us on the dance floor. If you are moved to attend this celebration and funds are of issue, please contact Jamie Luv. No one turned away. I am following my heart, and using this opportunity to create a joyous occasion for us to dance with them again in spirit.

Delicious food for healthy omnivores craving organic and yummy treats.
And beats that will make your feet bounce, your heart open and your mind soar! This experience is going to be maximum awesome!

Our Super Secret Sound Shaman is DJ Kaminanda
2.5 hour Journey Set

We are so pleased to have Kaminanda's epic sounds. He brings ancient feeling to futuristic tracks that are the optimal essence of organic psychedelic tribal downtempo dub. He will have you on your feet, in your heart and connected to all of creation.

DJ Sharu playing a heart opening set

Sharu is a resident DJ for both the Bay Area and Grass Valley Ecstatic Dance communities. He brings the whomp, the soul, the dream and the joy to being in your body, and on the dancefloor.

DJs SnowLeopard and DJ Grisecon
Bringing their unique interpretations and aural dreams to our chill space.

~ Instructors ~

Jamie Luv - Eyegazing

Alicia Dattner - Laughter Yoga

Hitch McDermid - Acro Yoga

Micheal McIntyre - Hand and Foot Massage Workshop

~ Delicious treats from Chef Ray and the Luvtastic Crew! ~

Ray has been creating delicious, whole food cuisine since 2000. We will feature sumptuous omnivorous small plates of both raw and cooked cuisine. (Included in workshop ticket)

Our menu is gluten free, sugar free, local, organic and as sustainably sourced as we could find:  Appetizers include; organic chicken meatballs, bacon wrapped goat cheese dates, veg stuffed mushrooms and a delicious cheese selection.
Spring Greens mixed with Raw marinated Kale and Beets topped with walnuts and raisins. (All raw/vegan) 4 Greens Pesto with Roasted Veggies, Quinoa (Vegan) and a chicken option for Ominivores.

Alcohol Alternative by Brilliant Elixers
Infused Intoxications by The Temple of Yum
(One of each included in workshop ticket,
provided you bring your own unique cup. Cups will cost $5)

Alcohol will not be sold at this event. If you would like to bring your own, you may. There will be an alcohol check (like a coat check) that will keep your beverages cool and classy. Our servers will pour your drinks. $5 for your total check (whatever you bring). Bring your own unique cup.

Hot tub available. Bring a towel :)

This is not your average event, so we ask all participants to read an agreement along with the purchase of tickets. (This is not a sexual event. It is a SENSATIONAL event.)

In an effort to keep prices reasonable, we are offering a tiered ticket. Please buy early to get your best price!

You will get a choice of 3 of the 4 workshops and delicious food and the amazing drinks AND the dance party for the prices below!
Food and Mingle starts at 7:00pm.
Workshops start PROMPTLY at 8:00pm. Come early!  7pm-2am

First 25 Tickets or before 1/15 =$30
Tickets 25-50 or before 1/20 =$35
Tickets above 50 after 1/20= $40

~ Dance Only ~
First 25 tickets or before 1/20=$15 – 10pm-2am
All other Dance Only tickets will be $20

Dance only tickets will include a Shot of a Brilliant Ellixer.

There is also an agreement form you must fill out
along with your payment.

Please buy your tickets early to get the best deal (paypal fees are added).

I have a few more low tier tickets to offer to those who Connectivate with someone else! Bring a new friend to our community, and you and your friend can get $30 or $35 tickets for the workshop, food and dance! Email me at connectivate@gmail.com with you and your friends name to get the deal :)

Connectivate Tickets

Please also fill out this Form <click here>

Please go to the Tickets/Contact page for full
information on how to RSVP and pay for this event.